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It all started in September 2011 when Mr. Patrick Kayira dismissed from poly pack where he was working as a factory assistant, Mr Kayira was dismissed without given a notice period

On that fateful morning Mr. Kayira had MK500 on his pocket. He walked from Blantyre to Namiyango where he was staying.


Life was so hard for him and the whole family, being a married man with four children and his wife was not working it was so difficult for them to eat three times a day they started eating once  a day

He was not able to pay school fees for his brother, this situation led his brother to drop out school


One day Mr. Kayira borrowed MK500 from his friend he used that money to start a business of frying chips, he fried chips for almost six months but life was still not easy for him because the capital was very little.


In august 2012 Mr. Kayira was chatting with one of his neighbor at the business place Mrs Janet chimombo   this neighbor was the one who brought the story of hope to Mr kayira she told him about group loans at opportunity bank and she encouraged him to join her group ,without hesitating  Mr kayira joined the group he was the only male member on  that group.he started by taking MK20,000

After several sales he managed to pay back the loan and also life started to be good for them


On his third cycle he managed to mould bricks and buy farm inputs for his maize garden using the profits he was getting from sales. In his family they started eating three times a day, paying school fees for his children, he also managed to buy a plot where he built a three bedroom house with electricity; he opened a tuck shop next to the place where he was frying chips

His next ambition is to buy a car and start taking an individual loan.”Now my life is at peace I can do anything that I want to do because Iam financially secure “said Mr. Patrick kayira










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