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Monica comes from Simon village in the area of Traditional Authority Kawamba in Kasungu district. She is a young lady born in 1992.As Monica was 16 years of age she had no parental support on her school and welfare. This forced her to look for other means of sourcing financial assistance by herself. In the course of doing that, Monica was found pregnant for a certain gentleman whom she later discovered to be married and irresponsible. The road wasn’t too easy for the young lady; she tried this and that for survival but to no avail. She had to wait up until she gave birth to her beautiful baby girl.


Through it all Monica had to make a decision to carry on with life and to take care for her child. When child was a year old, Monica decided to join a team of young stars who were on tailoring training at Kawamba Orphan care centre. Monica was not successful in the training and she went back to square one. She faced challenges in many areas of her life which she could not overcome on her own, she completely lost hope. It was then when her aunt advised her about opportunity bank which came in the  area to sensitize and train the youths on the banks products and services. Monica later joined a group of fellow youths and obtained a loan from the bank.


That was a turning point of her life, today the story is different,  she used the loan to buy local chicken from fellow villagers and later sold. This has been her business ever since. As she was interviewed Monica told us that she always have a market for her chicken to the point that she fails to supply. Monica’s business involve travelling to the nearest villages to source for more local chicken .


She narrated that she choose this business because there are a lot of  restaurants at kawamba trading centre and that people of kawamba mostly likes local chicken because of its flavor. In a normal week Monica sells up to $15.However the business also faces challenges especially during the summer season when there is new castle disease outbreak in the villages. This affects the availability of chicken and prices as well

Monica stays in a grass thatched house, built of unburnt bricks, no floor and most of the structures are made of grass. It is her wish to live in a good house and to have good household items, however this is a dream which is yet to come to true.


Monica managed to pay back the loan and run the business besides the fact that she did not go further with school through the lessons rendered to her by transformation and lending departments. This has helped me to mend my relationship with God and my parents.”Monica said”.









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